Disney World's Animal Kingdom January 2009

Sandra and I had been to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on our honeymoon, but had not been there in years. We were really looking forward to it, and I hope we never leave it as long between trips ever again. Disney World is a "bucket list" experience for me. We were waiting for Christina to get a bit older so that she would remember it, and at nine and a half, we think she will. While we went to the other parts of the park, Animal Kingdom was by far my favorite.


It's Fake, but it's COOL!

I like how they have recreated an atmosphere of exotic locations, like the Himalayas or Katmandu. We didn't try the roller coaster going up into the mountain. We DID do the river ride, though, also fake, but very cool and lots of fun.


A fake Safari, but the trucks and the animals were REAL!

The safari ride was great, but the trucks were so bumpy it was difficult to get a good picture. I was lucky to be in the back row by myself, so I was able to go from side to side to take pictures, and also to take pictures out the back with no people in view.


The river raft ride - you WILL get wet, you MAY get soaked!

That was the warning of the signs we saw after an hour of waiting in line. It is easy to see why this ride had such a long lineup, though, it was really fun. Although, I didn't get soaked! Sandra and Christina were the unfortunate ones, as you can see below. But they had fun, too!


Rides, knick-knacks, and a hard lesson.

There were a lot of things to see at Animal Kingdom, but the most important lesson was to never run for a bus. Even when it is bare and dry you can still fall and break something. Or dislocate it, in this case. Not much fun, we had to call 911 to scrape me off the sidewalk. Kind of ruined our New Year's Eve, since it happened on December 31st. Christina had just convinced us to buy that cute "Safari Guide" outfit that she's wearing in the last picture.