The Crash Reel

Netflix DVD – they rated it as a 4.4 for me, with the general audience giving it a 4.0. I gave it 5 stars, it was one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen, up there with Senna, which was also created with archival footage. I watched it again the next morning and it was just as good the second time.

The Crash Reel - movie poster


Kevin Pearce was a top snowboarder, an Olympic contender, right up there with the much more famous Shaun White, Continue reading

the Book Of Life

Theater viewing, with a bunch of 14-year olds. Netflix doesn’t have it yet, but in advance they predict it at 3.7 for me, the same as for the general audience. There are 853 ratings on Netflix already, even though it isn’t available there – people must be seeing it in the theater and rating it on Netflix. Okay, I just gave it 5 stars.

the Book of Life - movie poster

I really liked this movie, primarily because of the beautiful animation and design. Continue reading

Last Love

Netflix streaming – I gave it 4 stars. They rated it as a 4.4 for me, with the general audience rating it as a 3.8. Rotten Tomatoes only has it at 29% for critics, 9% for “top critics”, and with their audience giving it 55%. It would be interesting to correlate Netflix 5-point scale scores with Rotten Tomatoes’ audience percentages.

Last Love movie poster - Michael Caine and Clemence Poesy.

This movie is difficult to believe in a few spots, but if I ignore that, it is certainly touching and believable in the rest of it. Continue reading


Netflix streaming – I gave it a 4. Netflix rated it as a 4.8 for me, even though it was only a 3.7 for all reviewers. They aren’t usually wrong with predicting my rating, but the last couple of movies have been off.

Headhunters movie poster

Recognize Jamie Lannister from Game Of Thrones above? I see Stieg Larsson’s name in the poster – he’s the guy who wrote The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Continue reading

Metro Manila

Netflix streaming – I gave it 4 stars. Netflix rated it as a 4.9 for me, with the average rating being 4.0. I don’t know why they thought it would be, basically, a 5 for me.

Metro Manila movie poster

This movie is another one that shows just how good we have it in Canada and the United States. In many countries in the world, good decent people often are victimized by others Continue reading