Quirky movies

There are a number of movies that I’ve liked that don’t really fit into categories – sometimes they have a bit of science fiction, a bit of comedy, a bit of drama, and often just a general sense of “quirkiness” that’s hard to describe. If you like the tv series The Big Bang Theory, you may well enjoy many of these – it has a sciency-quirky feel as well. Check for these on Netflix – if you don’t have Netflix, just get it … it’s that good, regardless of the price. At least, so far.

The Secret – I’ve seen it described as a grown-up version of Freaky Friday, it’s a drama dealing with a mother getting to know what her daughter’s teenage life is really like, in a science-fiction way. It can be hard to find, you might have to search for the French name Si J’Etais Toi (If I Were You).

Timer – a kind of romantic comedy with a science-fiction twist, about true love, fairness, and an exploration of doing what you should do vs. being more spontaneous.

Happy Accidents – a fun romantic comedy with a time-travel twist. Marisa Tomei is delightful here, painfully dealing with a guy that seems wonderful at first, but gets crazier as time goes on. Will it work out in the end?

Safety Not Guaranteed – yet another romantic comedy, but very unconventional. Sweet and funny, it has actors that aren’t conventionally attractive.

About Time – yes, another romantic comedy that comes with a time-travel twist. What would YOU do if you could choose what things to do over in your life? Would they relate to love?

Outsourced – no science fiction in this one, and it’s not as quirky as the others on this list, it’s just a romantic comedy exploring life and love in a different culture.

Europa Report – this one is different than the others on this list, it’s not a romantic comedy at all – more like a cross between a documentary and a science fiction blockbuster. It feels like something that could really happen, and shows the pursuit of science in a heroic light.



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