Viewed on Netflix streaming – I gave it 4 stars. Netflix predicted a 4.2 for me, and the average rating on Netflix is 3.8. I came close to giving it a 5, though.

Snowpiercer movie poster


This was a very unusual movie, kind of an action movie, science fiction movie, and social commentary all in one. Chris Evans, who plays Captain America, stars in it, and I didn’t even recognize him. For some reason, at some point in the movie I started thinking that it seemed something like the movie Brazil. Then, one of the characters is named Gilliam, which may be a nod to Terry Gilliam, the director and co-writer of Brazil. I haven’t seen Brazil since it came out in 1985, so my memories of it are unclear – this leads me to not be sure of the parallels between it and Snowpiercer, but perhaps I’ll read a comparison in a review somewhere.

This is the first time I remember writing about a movie, and I see that it is difficult to say much without giving away plot points. This movie is very stylish, and moves through a variety of social situations that reflect various socio-economic levels in society.

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