3D model picture

VIDEOS - Long Pushkicks

1. Long pushkick

2. Long pushkick - close

3. Long pushkick (slow start to bring goalie back to short side)

4. Stick pass into long pushkick (spray)

VIDEOS - Slingshots

5. Pushkick slingshot (bounces off near wall)

6. Pushkick slingshot (bounces off near wall) - a bit sloppy

7. Pushkick slingshot (open net, but I was ROBBED!)

VIDEOS - Pushkick Sequences

8. Sequence - dink shot, spray middle dink shot, long pushkick

VIDEOS - Passing Sequences

9. Near side standstill pass options - stick, wall, bounce

10. Far side brush up, brush down

VIDEOS - Miscellaneous

11. 2-bar backwall pass to long pullkick