The Other End of The Line

Netflix streaming – they rated it as 3.7 stars for me, 3.6 for the general audience. A cross-cultural romantic comedy, perfect for Sandra and I to watch on Valentine’s Day, I figured … but she decided it was stupid and had bad acting, so we stopped watching about a half hour in. I was intrigued, though, and watched the rest of it the next day on my own, and found it to be

The Other End of The Line movie poster

enjoyable, though silly and predictable – but not enough to dampen my enjoyment of it. The other one like this that I’ve seen, Outsourced, was much better. That said, the actor playing the female romantic lead here, Shriya Saran, is adorable, and she basically makes the movie enjoyable. I looked her up and apparently she has done a lot of movies in India but only this and one other in English. Her English in the movie is very good, with a bit of an Indian accent, but her character plays the part of a call-center worker with perfect English, pretending to be American. I thought at first that it was her speaking perfect English, but now I’m wondering if those parts of it were lip-synced. I’m going to give it 3 stars, just because most of the movies I give 4 stars are better than this one.

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