The Peripheral

A novel – by William Gibson.

The Peripheral - a novel by William Gibson.

William Gibson is one of my favorite authors, I started out reading Count Zero and then Neuromancer back in the 80’s, then bought every new novel of his as it came out. I just didn’t like them as much as time went on, but this one is different. As I read it, it felt like a return to those first two novels. Set in the future, it’s an interesting take on where we could be headed technologically, with a twist involving a sort of time travel/multiverse situation. For a moment I thought he was blending in some Neal Stephenson, though at the end he credits Bruce Sterling with the idea for what he calls “the stub”. I did find myself getting confused over a couple of the minor characters, but that’s probably my fault for reading it in small chunks. Anyway, good not great, and better than his┬álast several novels, in my opinion. Here’s a link to an interesting review by somebody far smarter than I am:

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